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Where Old World Meets New World


One-of-a-Kind Barrel Cellar:

The architectural intent of the cellar design is Neo Norman.  A sense of antiquity is evident in the concrete texture and form and simplicity.  One thousand three hundred and fifty metric tons of concrete were used to construct the cellar.

The immense and impressive monolithic concrete table with its terrazzo surface remains the cellar's focal point.  The table measures 500 inches in length and is arguably the longest concrete table in existence.  Additional and stunning features are the twenty-three stainless steel chairs displayed on the walls above.  The chairs symbolically tell the story of the family of Gary and Lena Pillitteri and are specially engraved to commemorate significant dates in the history of the winery.  The position of each chair at the table is indicated by a small triangle above one of the 23 circles on the chair's back..

The Barrel Cellar, while being a handsome sight, is primarily a wine cellar.  It meets the essential criteria: a constant temperature of 12° C (54° F), relative humidity of 50 to 70%, no vibration and protection against light.

Barrel aging of wine is a convention that dates back over 2000 years.  Oak barrels have traditionally been used for storing and aging of wines, contributing to the character development of the wines and enhancing flavours and aromas.  The barrels at Pillitteri Estates Winery are of French and American oak. 

Our Roots

Founded in 1993

The Importance of the Carretto

One of a Kind Barrel Cellar

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