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Pillitteri China Office

Pillitteri China OfficeStarting in 2005 Pillitteri began to enter into the Chinese market after having established a remarkable reputation for quality Icewine and a strong market share of Icewine in Canada.  The emerging Chinese market was a challenging venture to undertake and required a partnership with local businesses and experts to successfully break into the market in full force.

In 2008 Pillitteri decided to form a cooperative business relationship with the Canadian Lifestyle Expo Centre with the interest of presenting an authentic Canadian experience in China for everyone who is interested in doing international business with Canadian companies.

Out of this relationship formed CANBEST of which Pillitteri is part owner.  CANBEST is tasked with promoting and distributing the best of all Canadian produced products in mainland China. The flagship product leading the way through CANBEST is of course Pillitteri Icewine.

Pillitteri Icewine is imported through CANBEST into China and may be sold to wholesalers or distributers directly from our Chinese warehouse significantly reducing delivery time and costs.

If you are interested in purchasing Pillitteri Icewine in China or looking to import your own brand of Icewine into China through us we would be happy to help.

Contact information:

Canbest (Beijing) Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Building 1. Capital Indoor Gymnasium,

No. 56. Zhongguancun Nan Road, Haidian District,

100044 Beijing, China

Telephone: 400-180-1009